We offer three categories of Virtual Wellness Services designed to help your employees improve their physical and mental wellbeing safely and effectively.

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One of our Corporate Account Managers will contact you within 2 business days with more information.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Approximately 30 to 45-minutes in length, each of our Virtual Fitness Classes is designed to benefit the body and the mind, leaving participants feeling strong and centred.

Stretch and Release

Stretch and Release incorporates various stretching and breathing techniques proven to reduce stress in the body.


Designed to improve flexibility, mobility and core strength, Yoga will leave you feeling calm and centred.


Utilizing key Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates principals, BODYFLOW™ builds flexibility and strength.

Core Balance

Core Balance focuses on movement designed to encourage proper postural alignment, muscular conditioning, core strength and balance.


SH’BAM™ is a fun and social workout that features hot dance moves and popular hits, perfect for beginners.


The Latin inspired dance-fitness movements incorporated in Zumba help promote increased circulation and positive energy.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp combines high-intensity interval training, cardio, strength training and athletic conditioning to improve your overall level of fitness.

Onsite Wellness

Are you interested in multiple sessions? Save over $200 with our Bundle Offer, which includes 3 Virtual Wellness Workshops and 3 Virtual Fitness Classes.

Virtual Wellness Workshops

We offer Virtual Wellness Workshops designed to educate individuals on the topics that impact their physical and mental health. With a combination of dynamic workshops, there is definitely something for everyone.

  • Back to Basics: A Holistic Approach to Back Health
  • Deskercise
  • Exercise in Warmer Weather
  • Flu Prevention and Remedies
  • Mental Health and Social Media
  • Stress or Something Else: Anxiety and Depression
  • Stress & Tension Tamers
  • The Gut-Brain Connection
  • Popular Diet Trends: Health or Hype?
  • The Recipe for Sound Sleep
  • The ABCs of Nutritional Supplements

*A wider selection of Virtual Fitness Classes and Virtual Wellness Workshops are available upon request.

Onsite Wellness

Virtual Nutritional Consultations

Personalized nutrition advice can help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. We offer one-on-one personal consultations tailored to your specific needs in 20 and 60-minute individual bookings.

For more information or to book a virtual offering, email workplacewellness@goodlifefitness.com

Please note: The information provided by GoodLife Workplace Wellness is educational in nature and not prescriptive. GoodLife does not accept any liability for any health condition as a result of its educational material. It is the individuals’ responsibility to make educated decisions and create their own course of action. Pricing subject to change.